Improve customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty and advocacy by measuring and improving customer experience.

The telecom industry faces several challenges in terms of competition, regulations, technology shifts, and ever changing customer demands. Telco enterprises generate enormous data from usage, call detail records, network equipment, billing information, server logs and the growing connectivity of the subscribers and users and the challenge they face, is the difficulty to gain insights from all the data they generate.

Analyzing this data with a business intelligence solution provides telcos with a competitive advantage. They will be able to improve overall network performance, optimize service levels, minimize overhead costs and maximize profitability by ensuring customer loyalty. They can make data-driven decisions about investments to achieve targeted profit margins. The enterprise will have a unified view of data even if it comes from multiple data sources and departments.

Centralized Analytics solution from Xypress, enables telco enterprises to stay ahead of competitors and anticipate customer needs.Use predictive analytics and cognitive computing to forestall problems, notify consumers of what to expect and know the additional services that will appeal to them. Analyze voice, SMS and smartphone app data in real-time to measure and improve the customer experience across all channels and services.

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