From acquiring customers to retaining customers, increasing sales effectiveness or enhancing consumer experience, Xypress helps your organization run better and run different.

Revolution is all-encompassing the retail industry. Consumers today, are much more informed and better connected. They now want mobile shops, bespoke services and immediate gratification. These changes are giving rise to a cloud of innovations around multi-channel retailing, mobile apps, customer data mining, responsive supply chains and cutting-edge technologies. In this new consumer era, Analytics for Retail is no longer a plus, it’s a must-have.

Retailers have been tapping into data for years now, gaining what is called consumer or shopper insights to improve their performance. They have access to loads of data that comes from multiple data sources: purchase transactions, CRM data, customer loyalty programs, etc. With Xypress, retailers get automated insights on their data and identify any anomaly like a decrease in sales. Then they can do a root-cause-analysis and create a discussion with the relevant people to solve the problem and appoint an automatic notification to follow any changes in the situation.

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